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It’s not a cliché but a fact, teachers do mold our future. Everyone can name at least one teacher that had a positive impact on their lives. You can become that teacher in many students lives today. There are many benefits to teaching but none are as gratifying in knowing you are providing a     student with the knowledge they will need to succeed in this world.
Program Overview and University Partnership
East St. Louis School District 189 was awarded the Federal Transition to Teaching grant to help supply an ongoing need for secondary educators in Math, Science, and Foreign Language. We have partnered with Southern Illinois University Edwardsville to offer the Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT). The MAT program through Back to Basics Transition to Teaching is intended for mid    career professionals, recent college graduates, veterans, and retired military who have successfully completed an undergraduate degree in the areas of Mathematics, Science, English, History (with emphasis in Political Science, Civics, and Economics), or Foreign Languages from an accredited college or university and want to become teachers. Individuals who already hold an undergraduate degree in teacher education are NOT eligible for this program..
The first cohort is sited to begin during the Summer 2010 and continue each year until they have completed working as teacher of record for 3 consecutive years. Individuals for the program will be selected through an application and interview process. To qualify for the BTBT3 program an       applicant will need to meet eligibility status and submit high school and college transcripts.         Applicant references must be from a professional source who can attest to your ability in your     subject matter area and your demonstrated experience with youth. The reference forms are included in this packet.
The Back to Basics Transition to Teaching (BTBT3) program goal is to increase teacher shortages in hard-to-staff positions and projected retirement vacancies, by recruiting and preparing approved participants through Southern Illinois University Edwardsville Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) program to become highly qualified teachers. One hundred twenty five qualified individuals (25 participants each program year) will be selected for hard-to-staff areas in Secondary Mathematics, Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth & Space), History (with emphasis in Political Science, Civics, and Economics) and Foreign Languages. The program provides financial incentives and an extensive mentoring and support system for the duration of the program.
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